Casio TRYX PC Magazine Best 100 of 2011

Casio TRYX

PC Magazine named this camera one of the TOP 100 Best Products of 2011

The low light performance and 21mm WIDE angle lens make it perfect for real estate photography.

Top Features for Real Estate Photography:

  • 21mm Wide Angle Lens; ultra-wide angle starting at 21mm (35mm film camera equivalent) allowing the photographer to capture the entire room. This is one of the widest lenses I have seen on a compact digital camera.
  • HDR (High-Dynamic Range) combines information from a burst of multiple images and unites the most detailed portions of each image (taken at different exposures) for a beautiful, never-before-possible wide dynamic range. Great for rooms with ultra bright windows, see the room and the outdoors!
  • Long Life Battery, 1,000 shots on a single full charge.
  • Slide Panorama; by panning the TRYX across the scene with the shutter button pressed, it is easy to take 360° panoramic images. And while the camera pans, moving objects and faces are recognized and the images adapted such that distortions and blurring are kept to a minimum.

Bonus Features:

  • Motion Shutter, the self-timer can be triggered using the camera’s built-in motion sensor. With a simple wave of your hand the self-timer will be triggered.
  • Touch Shutter, using the touch-screen LCD you can activate TRYX’s shutter just by touching the screen.
  • HDR-Art creates a totally new artistic approach to photography.
  • High definition video up to full 1080p.
  • YouTube™ Capture Mode makes it easy to upload and share your videos publicly or privately.

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