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Leica 18176 V-LUX 40

Leica 18176 V-LUX 40 14.1MP Camera

This is the perfect real estate camera, it shows you mean business and only accept the best, it is a Leica. A true powerhouse in a compact size. The 24 – 480 mm  zoom lens is perfect for taking wide angle photos of real estate interiors and the 480mm zoom is great for your personal photos. As a bonus it includes Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 – the software package for image and video processing, archiving and display.

The latest video in the “Leica. My Life” series features Iskandar Abdulkarim, a development engineer at Leica Camera AG. Iskander explains why perfectionism is so important and why the V-Lux 40 is his camera of choice when photographing technology..

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3CK

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3CK Kit 12.1-megapixel 14mm Pancake Lens

Compact size, interchangable lenses, built-in flash and 14mm wide angle lens make this camera perfect for Real Estate applications.

Top Features for Real Estate Photography:

  • 14mm Wide Angle Pancake Lens; This is one of the widest lenses I have seen on a compact digital camera.
  • Panasonics LUMIX DMC-GF3 realizes all the features you want from a bulky DSLR interchangeable lens camera, only it accomplishes this in an ultra compact point-and-shoot camera body about as wide and tall as a typical smart phone yet is lightweight and simple to master.

Bonus Features:

  • Thanks to a 6400 ISO, the DMC-GF3 shoots well under low light even without a flash. But there are times when a flash provides desired enhancements. So, like most DSLRs, the DMC-GF3 provides a built -in pop-up flash for added light during low-light shooting.
  • LUMIX G Series Compact System Cameras utilize the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) System lens mount. MFT offers greater size and weight reduction in the lens without compromising lens performance and clarity. The LUMIX G MFT System offers a selection of 12 high performance fixed focal length and variable aperture G Vario zooms, including a highly versatile 3D lens capable of capturing both 2D and 3D images at the same time. There are lens adaptors available for mounting older Leica M and Leica R lenses, including older LUMIX full Four Thirds lenses. An innovative 14-140mm HD G Vario lens provides the best of video and still-image shooting with a long 10x range and near silent high-speed focusing. When connected to the DMC-GF3, ultra fast focusing and auto subject track AF can be achieved.
  • The LUMIX DMC-GF3 also shoots 1080/60i High Definition video using the AVCHD format (sensor output 30 fps).
  • LUMIX Creative Control Mode, accessed from the Mode dial at the top of the camera, an expressive look to the image can be achieved without the need for complicated post-processing software.  Effects include: Expressive, Retro, High Key, Sepia, High Dynamic and now, Miniature Effect.

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Casio TRYX PC Magazine Best 100 of 2011

Casio TRYX

PC Magazine named this camera one of the TOP 100 Best Products of 2011

The low light performance and 21mm WIDE angle lens make it perfect for real estate photography.

Top Features for Real Estate Photography:

  • 21mm Wide Angle Lens; ultra-wide angle starting at 21mm (35mm film camera equivalent) allowing the photographer to capture the entire room. This is one of the widest lenses I have seen on a compact digital camera.
  • HDR (High-Dynamic Range) combines information from a burst of multiple images and unites the most detailed portions of each image (taken at different exposures) for a beautiful, never-before-possible wide dynamic range. Great for rooms with ultra bright windows, see the room and the outdoors!
  • Long Life Battery, 1,000 shots on a single full charge.
  • Slide Panorama; by panning the TRYX across the scene with the shutter button pressed, it is easy to take 360° panoramic images. And while the camera pans, moving objects and faces are recognized and the images adapted such that distortions and blurring are kept to a minimum.

Bonus Features:

  • Motion Shutter, the self-timer can be triggered using the camera’s built-in motion sensor. With a simple wave of your hand the self-timer will be triggered.
  • Touch Shutter, using the touch-screen LCD you can activate TRYX’s shutter just by touching the screen.
  • HDR-Art creates a totally new artistic approach to photography.
  • High definition video up to full 1080p.
  • YouTube™ Capture Mode makes it easy to upload and share your videos publicly or privately.

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Pixeet 180 degree lens

I love the iPhone 4s camera. It takes great photos using an 8 megapixel fixed lens. It’s no DSLR, but I find that I take many more pictures than I ever have before, mainly due to the fact that it’s always with me. The Pixeet Panorama iPhone Lens Kit allow you to easily take 360 degree panoramic photos for virtual tours. Check out this video by Jeff Lobb; the VP of Technology for Exit Realty (notice the monopod):

Simply put the iPhone 4s in the case, attach the lens, start the Pixeet app and follow the instructions. It is that easy.

Check my first hand held pano, my Computer Room, The case has a tripod mount at the nodal pont so with a monopod I know I can do much better. Here are many more examples virtual tours. Check out this HD example, make sure to view it full screen. HD panos requires a monthly subscription.

Pixeet is actually comprised of three parts: a fisheye lens, a case, and an app. The lens connects to an iPhone case with a magnetic ring around the camera that lets you mount the lens. You can also use the case to attach other iPhone 4s magnetic lenses. The app guides you thorough the process of making the panorama. You simply take four photos, which are then stitched  together by the app, resulting in a 360-degree panorama photo, which is uploaded to the pixeet site.

Pixeet lets you upload up to 50 panoramas a month for free. You can also shoot video with Pixeet, but it doesn’t stitch together any of the scenes. Instead, it just gives you a wider angle with the fisheye lens, allowing you to capture more of your surroundings in the video.

MagicPlan App Creates Floor Plans

MagicPlan App Can Create Floor Plans By Photographing Corners of a Room

This app is amazing; stand in the center of a room, spin around and take photos of each corner in a room and each side of the doors and the app creates a floor plan. No need to measure, no need to move furniture and no need to draw.  You can calibrate the dimensions by measuring one wall of a room.

The app is free for download. The final floor plan is free for non-commercial use (includes a watermark) and $1.10 USD for commercial use (with the watermark removed).


iPhone 4s – Canon 5D MKII Side By Side Comparison

This is a post from, the Professional Real Estate Photographers blog showing the video quality of the iPhone4s.   A wide angle lens for the iPhone 4s  makes it  a perfect real estate camera.  The iPhone 4s is small, high quality and you will always have it with you!


iPhone 4s Owle Bubo

Excellent product. Shoots iPhone 4s 1080p video,the Owle Bubo. I read many reviews and decided to go for it! I am not disappointed at all. A little pricey, but worth it. I can put in on a monopod for overhead shots, down low for ground level shots etc. The mic works great and I can also use the mic adapter I got from them as well to use with my wireless lav mic. No it’s not $3000 camera but it does shoot HD video! Great product and WOW factor as well!

Key Features:

Aluminum construction
The OWLE Bubo is made from one solid piece of aluminum, so it’s lightweight at only 1.1lbs, but also virtually indestructible. So you can throw it in your bag to take with you everywhere, and you won’t be caught out when the perfect shot appears.

37mm lens threading with 0.45x wide-angle/macro combination lens
What makes the OWLE Bubo so special is the 37mm lens threading which will work with any standard lens, as well as the included 0.45x wide-angle/macro combination lens.

4 1/4″ -20 female threaded mounting holes
On the top and bottom of each hand grip can be found a standard 1/4″ threaded mounting hole for use with any tripod. With the OWLE Bubo you can use a professional tripod with your iPhone 4 to gain stability.

Cold shoe mount for use with standard camera add-ons
The top of the OWLE Bubo features a cold shoe mount, meaning it is compatible with all standard camera add-ons. Improve your low-light shooting with a flash gun and help gauge the lighting with an external light meter.

High quality adjustable Vericorder Microphone
Also the included 3.5mm jack plugs into your iPhone 4, and allows you to have true high quality audio to match the stunning HD videos.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10

Top features for Real Estate Photography

  • 24mm ultra wide-angle lens
  • POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer)
  • Intelligent Scene Selector
  • built-in GPS allows geotagged images to be pinpointed via online maps

Bonus Features

  •  16x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 24-384mm)
  • 3.0-inch Smart Touch LCD features a high 460,000-dot resolution
  • full-High Definition 1920×1080 video recording
  • high speed burst shooting up to 10 frames per second
  • 3D Photo Mode

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