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Pixeet 180 degree lens

I love the iPhone 4s camera. It takes great photos using an 8 megapixel fixed lens. It’s no DSLR, but I find that I take many more pictures than I ever have before, mainly due to the fact that it’s always with me. The Pixeet Panorama iPhone Lens Kit allow you to easily take 360 degree panoramic photos for virtual tours. Check out this video by Jeff Lobb; the VP of Technology for Exit Realty (notice the monopod):

Simply put the iPhone 4s in the case, attach the lens, start the Pixeet app and follow the instructions. It is that easy.

Check my first hand held pano, my Computer Room, The case has a tripod mount at the nodal pont so with a monopod I know I can do much better. Here are many more examples virtual tours. Check out this HD example, make sure to view it full screen. HD panos requires a monthly subscription.

Pixeet is actually comprised of three parts: a fisheye lens, a case, and an app. The lens connects to an iPhone case with a magnetic ring around the camera that lets you mount the lens. You can also use the case to attach other iPhone 4s magnetic lenses. The app guides you thorough the process of making the panorama. You simply take four photos, which are then stitched  together by the app, resulting in a 360-degree panorama photo, which is uploaded to the pixeet site.

Pixeet lets you upload up to 50 panoramas a month for free. You can also shoot video with Pixeet, but it doesn’t stitch together any of the scenes. Instead, it just gives you a wider angle with the fisheye lens, allowing you to capture more of your surroundings in the video.

Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle Lens – 24mm minimum (smaller number is better)
The compact digital cameras presented on this site all have a WIDE angle lens necessary for great real estate photos .  A good real estate camera MUST have a wide angle lens, be extremely portable, let in enough light and be easy to use.

External Flash

External Flash vs On Camera Flash
Most of the compact cameras have an on-camera flash that is great for taking photos of people up to 10 feet away. These on-camera flashes are not powerful enough to take high quality interior photographs, an external flash is required to take the highest quality interior photographs. This link points to Digital Slave Flash for compact digital cameras that should work with most compact digital cameras. I like the Zeikos ZE-DS12 Digital Pro Slave Flash or the Digital Slave Flash + Bracket Set for Digital Cameras

Monopod vs Tripod

Since you will be shooting photos indoors the camera will have to be held steady. Professional photographers use tripod to achieve this. Tripods work great, but a monopod works just as well and is easy to store under your car seat.

Monopod (stores under your car seat) or tripods allows you to hold the camera very steady  to get high quality interior photographs. A monopod can also be used as a camera extender to get mini-aerial shots of patios, pools, exterior shots and more. Simply set the timer on the camera and hold the monopod above your head, it will take a few practice shots till you learn the technique.